Rainbow bridge

Research program


This project aims at developing the necessary technical resources and an integrated methodology to take into consideration the effects of long period ground motions on the response of large-scale infrastructures. It involves five partners with extensive experience in implementing activities of different type and complexity, such as data and signal processing, geophysical characterization, numerical methodologies and algorithms, modeling of stochastic processes, structural modeling and performance based design procedures.

One important goal of this project is to develop a methodology based on the physics of surface waves, to describe the evolution of the spectral content of the ground motion at a site located in a sedimentary basin. 3D numerical soil-structure models that capture the particular dynamic characteristics of real large-scale structures will be also developed for assessments of their performance when subjected to the ground motion model. The results of the project will allow the development of tools and guidelines to be used by the earthquake engineering community for more resilient designs of large-scale infrastructures.

The different multidisciplinary activities of Modulate are organized into 5 Work Packages (WP).