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MODULATE's team participates at the 2019 National Conference of the AFPS


The National Conference of the AFPS (Association Française du Génie Parasismique) is a moment of convergence and exchanges for the different actors of the Earthquake Engineering community in France. In 2019 it took place from the 24th to the 27th September, at the eastern French city of Strasbourg.

Several members of Modulate’s team participated at the conference, both with oral presentations and posters.

AFPS Parti
Modulate's team members from ENSTA, CentralSupelec, GDS and BRGM.

The poster presentation entitled “Nonlinear response of high-rise buildings subjected to rocking motion induced by passage of Rayleigh waves” from Modulate’s team was granted the poster prize in the domain “Sciences de l’Ingénieur”.